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CDU ESL Center | July 11, 2020

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TOEIC Course - CDU ESL Center


For those students who are not familiar with TOEIC, we give you the basic things you need to know and learn to prepare for the test. This TOEIC course includes a comprehensive monthly mock test (TOEIC RC/LC/ S/W). The key components like Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary and Expressions are strategically distributed and divided into 6 classes which give the highest advantage in learning them within a short period.

TOEIC Course

Admission Date: Mondays
Course Duration: 12 weeks or longer
Target Learners: get certified in a short time the TOEIC score you want students

600 Guaranteed Score700 Guaranteed Score800 Guaranteed Score 900 Guaranteed Score
Score RequirementsTOEIC 400 and more
IELTS 3.5 and more
TOEFL 55 and more
TOEIC 500 and more IELTS 4.0 and more
TOEFL 65 and more
TOEIC 650 and more
IELTS 5.0 and more
TOEFL 80 and more
TOEIC 800 and more
IELTS 6.0 and more
TOEFL 90 and more


  • Basic knowledge on TOEIC and the skills needed to perform well during the test.
  • ESL subjects carefully chosen to help strengthen the macro English skills

  • TimeClass TypeSubjects
    07:00 ~ 08:00BREAKFAST
    08:00 ~ 08:501st class (1:1)TOEIC Speaking
    09:00 ~ 09:502nd class (1:1)TOEIC Reading
    10:00 ~ 10:503rd class (1:1)Grammar
    11:00 ~ 11:504th class (1:1)TOEIC Writing
    12:00 ~ 13:00LUNCH
    13:00 ~ 13:505th class (1:1)Coaching
    14:00 ~ 14:506th class (1:4)Vocabulary
    15:00 ~ 15:507th class (1:4)TOEIC Listening
    16:00 ~ 16:508th class (1:8)TOEIC Media
    17:00 ~ 18:00DINNER
    * Assignment of 1:1, 1:4, 1:8, 1:20 Classes is subject to changes
    * TOEIC Mock Test (5 times / week) R / L- Mon, Wed, FriS / W- Tue, Thu / Self-Study

  • Subject Contents Of Class
    Speaking TOEICTOEIC Speaking question type familiarization
    Students are trained how to respond to certain questions by finding the key points, right words, effective strategy and eventually deliver the best answers
    Reading TOEICTOEIC Reading can be very challenging but this subject highlights the best strategies that would help students arrive at the correct answer. Comprehension, generalization and linguistic skills are developed in this subject.
    Basic English grammar skills are gradually gained and applied to certain TOEIC related questions
    DiscussionThis 1:4 class aims to develop the communication skills of the students while using listening and speaking exercises and topics as basis for discussion
    Vocabulary TOEICDifferent words are presented and how they are used. Sample sentences are given for them to be guided.
    Writing TOEICVarious writing topics are presented and students are taught on the techniques in answering the written tests. Writing topics are presented and students are taught on the techniques in answering the written tests.
    TOEIC Expressions This class aims to enrich the vocabulary of the student by providing them with useful expressions for the test and in daily conversations and correspondence.