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CDU ESL Center | July 11, 2020

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IELTS Course - CDU ESL Center




IELTS Course is for students who are not familiar with the IELTS Test. ESL classes paralleled with the IELTS subjects for adaptation to increase the basic knowledge about the testing system and the skills required to perform better.

IELTS Course

Admission Date: Mondays
Course Duration:8 weeks or longer
Target Learners:  For students who want to prepare for the test; for students who want to learn the basic/foundations of the test
Summary:  1:1 classes – 4 hours/ 1:4 classes – 2 hours/ 1:8 classes – 1 hour / Total – 7 hours

5.5 Guaranteed Score6.0 Guaranteed Score6.5 Guaranteed Score
Score RequirementsIELTS 4.0 or higher
TOEIC 600 or higher
TOEFL 60 or higher
IELTS5.0 or higher
TOEIC 750 or higher
TOEFL 80 or higher
IELTS 6.0 or higher
TOEIC 880 or higher
TOEFL 100 or higher


  • Basic knowledge on ILETS and the skills needed to perform well during the test.
  • ESL subjects carefully chosen to help strengthen the macro English skills .

  • TimeClass TypeSubjects
    07:00 ~ 08:00BREAKFAST
    08:00 ~ 08:501st class (1:1)Speaking IELTS 1
    09:00 ~ 09:502nd class (1:1)Reading IELTS 2
    10:00 ~ 10:503rd class (1:1)Writing Task 1
    11:00 ~ 11:504th class (1:1)Grammar (ESL)
    12:00 ~ 13:00LUNCH
    13:00 ~ 13:505th class (1:1)Coaching
    14:00 ~ 14:506th class (1:4)Listening IELTS
    15:00 ~ 15:507th class (1:8)Vocabulary IELTS
    16:00 ~ 16:508th class (1:8)Grammar IELTS
    17:00 ~ 18:00DINNER
    18:00~18:50Computer Session
    19:00~19:50Computer Session
    *assignment of 1:1, 1:4, 1:8 classes is subject to changes

  • Subject Contents Of Class
    Vocabulary(IELTS)This subject aims to strengthen the lexical resource of the students by exposing them to the different terms, idioms, words and expressions that are commonly used in the test.
    Listening IELTSThis subject aims to make the student familiar of the listening materials used in IELTS. This subject also wants to get the student ready and equipped by introducing note-taking strategies and question analysis which can be very useful when taking the test.