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CDU ESL Center | July 11, 2020

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Fam Study - CDU ESL Center

worry-free, study with family

Study with the whole family without the worry of sending a child alone. That is Fam Study! In the English-speaking world, the Philippines is adapting to the American style. It is the second largest ESL destination you can get at a reasonable cost. The world’s largest attractions are here; enjoy the beautiful nature of Cebu and the neighboring islands while learning English with your loved ones.

Fam Study

Admission Date:   Mondays
Course Duration: 2 weeks or longer
Target Learners:  For parents/ families who want to travel abroad, study English and engage in cultural activities

kid program A – 1:1[4 hours]+1:4[2hours]+English diary and Vocabulary test[3hours]
Kid program B – 1:1[6 hours]+English diary[1hour]

Parents/Guardians – Program A – 1:1 – 4 hours+ Golf
Parents/Guardians – Program B – 1:1 – 3hours



As part of this on-of-a-kind offering, we have an array of activities for our parents and guardians . They can choose any of the following activities.

Volunteer activities with children are scheduled on Saturdays, Sunday is the rest day for all.

  • If students decide to have their free time they can choose not to participate in the activities.
  • The schedule is subject to changes depending on some circumstances
  • Fees are exclusive of the tuition and should be paid separately

Fam Study Plus Parent’s / Guardians Benefits

  • First, English + Golf
    WPGA Professional Instructor is going to train the students