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CDU ESL Center | July 11, 2020

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CDU ESL Center Is One of Its Kind! - CDU ESL Center

  •   Is University-Affiliated for reason

Created by 40 years of tradition, Cebu Doctors’ University owns a scientific and systematic training curriculum for English. With English professors that hone the best medical students in the region, attending to one of these classes is an incomparable advantage.

  •   Learn English through culture

Learning English goes far and beyond the limits of the classroom. Here in CDU ESL Center, we give you the chance to practice what you learn. You interact with local students, do volunteering activities, join sports competitions, and participate in local festivals. Here we give you a living and breathing experience of the local culture and learn practical English.

  • It is not about how long you study. It is the instructor’s teaching skills and the quality of instruction that matters.

Attending redundant classes for 10 hours is a myth and does not improve your English skills. Lazy Instructors who just spend 10 hours of free talking does not help you become better speakers. Our experienced and highly competent instructors can help you improve your English in an hour, how’s that for an impact? With more than 90 % of the teaching force being professional and licensed teachers, a rigorous recruitment and hiring procedures and a very systematic teacher training program provided for our teachers, we assure you that your teachers are equipped and efficient.