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CDU ESL Center | July 11, 2020

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because it’s the BASICS - CDU ESL Center


The Philippines has a lot of language training centers, and choosing the right one for you can be very challenging. Among so many institutes, “Why should you choose CDU ESL Center? “. Because you deserve to know and we have the responsibility to inform you, we have laid down all the reasons. With our unique curriculum and evaluation system and highly conducive environment, you are assured that we provide only the best training and the highest quality of education.

We are the Official Language Center Affiliate of Cebu Doctors’ University
  • Being affiliated with one of the country’s prestigious universities, we give you a head start that other language centers cannot.
  • CDU ESL Center Certificate- approved and recognized as the official affiliated language center of Cebu Doctors’ University.
  • This program includes a variety of activities with local students from the university intended for exchange students.
Academic-oriented and Safety-Directed Student Management
  • A Father/Mother teacher system that is geared towards close monitoring of the students’ attendance, grades, class performance and diary
  • Biometric(Fingerprint Scanner) Identification for entry and exit
  • 24-hour security service at the main gate(stand-by) and the whole center (guards on patrol)
  • Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital privileges
  • CDU ESL Center Clinic for minor health problems with Registered/ Licensed Nurse On Duty
More than 30% of the student population is composed of Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Indians.
  • Boasting the large percentage of non-Korean nationals studying in the center, we provide a natural learning environment where students can talk to other students using English.
  • Increase your speaking skills and boost your confidence in engaging conversations with foreigners

Global Social Charity Activities
  • Various volunteer activities to help the locals, homeless children and the elderly
  • Coastal/Marine Ecosystem Protection
  • Educational Assistance Volunteer Activity (for Filipino students)
Choose from a variety of CDU ESL Center Programs!
  • ESL, Internship, Guarantee, Golf Program, Overseas University Courses, for a total of 11 different programs tailored to individuals by providing high-quality customized lessons.
One-of-a kind Global Project Dormitory. Make friends with Filipino University students
  • CDU ESL not only provides an opportunity to experience the local culture, its dormitory where 50 Filipino students (mostly from Cebu Doctors’ University) stay, gives an atmosphere that helps ESL students gain confidence in making friends with the locals.
  • Chitchat, play badminton or table tennis together, and even study together. These are only some of the many things dormitory tenants and ESL students can do here at CDU ESL Center.
It is not just a Language Course! It is overseas internship. That is Global Internship Program!
  • Develop the global talent by setting your foot in the global era, gain overseas work experience for global competitiveness and international flair.